Things made for the long run

Artist Bio



An itinerant from the start, Annalise was born in a town she had never lived in and went on to move from one spot to next until quite recently, in fact. Mostly a western US wanderer, she has also lived in upstate New York, Philadelphia, and China. She was raised by a pair of artists who gave her the gift of noticing subtleties and appreciating the absurdity and constant flux of life. Annalise has studied myriad techniques for creating things, including photography, ceramics, jewelry, weaving, basket making, painting, drawing, sculpture, wood working, and all forms of printmaking. A degree in Printmaking gave her a strong technical and image planning foundation, along with a fondness for a delicate line quality. Several years ago she began painting with water color as it is an easy medium to dip in and out of. This is necessary, because raising two deeply sensitive young sons requires much of her time. Annalise goes back to her etching roots with her non-traditional watercolor technique, where she often utilizes the smallest paintbrush you can imagine to create very minute details. With visual and conceptual underpinnings from physics, biochemistry, and philosophy, her primary topics of concern are gravity, time, perspective, empathy, and how to think about our lives as humans. More than anything, she hopes to hold the viewer’s attention for a moment or two, and have a small discourse on the nature of all things.